The Influence of Media

In Today’s world propaganda and media has a huge influence on how we act, dress, communicate and socialize as people. The world has become a land of entitlement, by looking at recent actions in the NFL during the National Anthem you can see how society is changing. A quarterback for the 49’ers had the audacity to sit on the bench during the National Anthem stating, “I will not stand for a country that does nothing about violence towards African-American people” I have several friends and family members in the armed forces fighting for the freedom of this country and their people. This country was founded on a belief of a whole and one nation. There is amendments made for people freedom’s of their own beliefs but completely disgracing the founding fathers of this nation is uncalled for. As it is shown I will never agree with his decision that has now sprung many other pro-athletes to take action which is completely uncalled for. 


One thought on “The Influence of Media

  1. Reflecting on the actions of Colin Kappernick, I couldnt agree more. His actions has ignited a firestorm of controversy as well as many others following after him and also refusing to stand. Its unAmerican, and honestly sad.


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