Past Media Versus Present Media

Answering the question of, “Do you believe that we as media consumers have more or fewer choices than in the past?” is a simple task. Even though the fact that a small number of corporations own the vast majority of major media outlets doesn’t change the fact that our options are nearly endless. As today’s generation becomes more reliant on media that gives us the belief that the market will continue to grow endlessly with choices. You can look at it like a car company. They own the brand but they many different models in which gives you better selection when the time comes to choose. Just by looking at today’s generation and advancements in technology is why I believe that in the coming years we will have more and more choices.


One thought on “Past Media Versus Present Media

  1. News doesn’t come from just news outlets anymore, it comes from social media, blogs, and other media. We have more choices than we realize.


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