MJi: Generational Media Differences

I interviewed Stacy Timms for her view of media. She is fourty-four and lives in Bay, AR. Mrs. Timms is the bridal manager at Jessica’s Bridal and Formal. I met her at church and is now a family friend. We met for this interview at her house last weekend. 

Her favorite type of media is the radio. She listens to different music stations and a particular gospel station. In any given day, she finds herself watching TV, being on the computer and cellphone, reading magazines and books, all while listening to the radio. Her favorite media memory is being able to stay connected with all of the pictures she sees on the Internet. Stacy’s favorite/most memorable moment in the media was 9/11. She remembers the moment when it happened-especially listening to the president speaking about it. Whenever I asked her how she thinks her life would be without media she replied, “BORING!!”

Surprisingly, we use some of the same types of media. However, I use different social media and sources to get news. For instance, I use the apps: Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. She watches the news while I go to different internet sources to get information. She finds it easier because she is not “tech savvy.” Choice of media can affect local and national news due to the fact that on your phone you pick out what you want to read, and when watching the news on TV, they tell you what they want you to hear. I stay more connected than she does because I constantly get news updates while she might watch the news once a day. Our different media use doesn’t effect our values it is just a preference. The outcome of the assignment was eye opening to see the differences between generations. 


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