Where Parenting Should Stop..

So the question of whether parents should be able to remove books based on personal views is a very touchy subject in today’s world. We have the debates of race, sex, and the new beginnings of teaching skills used in schools. I personally believe that parents should not have a say so due to the fact the school enforces strict standards in books to begin with. Children having a different variety of books gives them a diversty in learning the world and things that will help shape them in the future. Parenting skills are very different between families and growing up this is a belief my parents would back any day.


3 thoughts on “Where Parenting Should Stop..

  1. I do not think that parents should be able to ban books either. They will never have complete control over what their children see anyway, so it’s kind of a losing battle. Everyone should be able to read what they want and decide whether it is for them or not. I think that we all have a moral compass that we ourselves must operate, otherwise it is meaningless.


  2. If parents wish to ban books, I would think they should rethink where their child is receiving their education. If they are able they should maybe consider homeschooling, or another form of education rather than fight for the penalization of all students.


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