Are newspapers dying off?

The question of the future of newspapers yields a simple but bearing answer. The future of technology has become so influential that now with all the power of the world it seems at our fingertips we can access just about anything with smart devices and the World Wide Web. The future for newspapers is diminishing from the printed press and making it’s way to the technological methods. I wouldn’t say that I “read” newspapers the traditional way because in the fast paced life of a college student I can just pick up the news on my smartphone. My parents though are different. It seems the gaps in generations it what will be the motivating factor of where the future of the newspaper is to lead as well. As stated above the paper or “dead tree” format is quickly dying off and we can expect to see in the coming decades a printless generation.


One thought on “Are newspapers dying off?

  1. I think its not much time before all newspapers and magazines will be online, most have online versions or are solely on the internet. With the affordability of posting on the internet, print versions just don’t make sense.


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