MJii: My Media Use

In today’s society the media is everything, the whole world revolves around media. I learned a lot about myself over this three week span. I learned that the amount of time I spend texting and watching Netflix is outrageous. The time that I spend watching pointless TV, continuously scrolling through Facebook, and just surfing the web is honestly sad. I never noticed how much my face is buried in my phone even while with good company. I spend at least a couple hours a day on social media and I basically text the entire time that I’m awake. My media usage usually peeks after I get my homework done because of all of the free time. I’m on media less on the weekends because I am usually hanging out with my friends. It is scary how much the media consumes/uses me.

This tracking of my media has taught me that I either have way too much time on my hands or I’m not doing what I should be getting done. Either way you look at it I use media way more than I should. I do use my social media to keep up with my family since I moved up here. This past Monday I saw where my nephew was born and got to see a picture. I talk to my parents and the rest of my family a lot. I have a very close family that all lives within an hour drive of everyone and I decided to move almost 4 hours away. The media is a great way to keep up with family. I don’t go out much but I enjoy seeing my friends have a good time and knowing what all of my peers are doing. Social media allows me to look at these things from the comfort of my bed. I don’t do the whole partying, “YOLO” scene like a lot of my peers do but I don’t hold that against them. Where I live enables me to use media on my laptop because I can plug up my Ethernet cable and the internet is much faster. I live in Arkansas Hall so there isn’t much else besides that since I don’t have a TV. I just live stream everything to my laptop. I guess you could say my hobby is watching Netflix since moving to college. The amount of time that I spend watching Netflix is absolutely insane and very sad. I’m not used to living in a place like this so I’m not used to be stuck inside.

I have found out over the course of this 3 week period that the media uses me. I am consumed by it daily in everything that I do. All of the stuff that I do revolve around the media. I am genuinely sad that I am glued to electronics as much as I am. I’m going to make a point to be with friends and not be glued to my phone when I am with them. Life was the best when I was little and I would walk down the road and sit on my friends porch to talk and hangout. I miss those days and wish that the media didn’t have such a hold on everyone like I’ve noticed over the last few weeks.


One thought on “MJii: My Media Use

  1. “I never noticed how much my face is buried in my phone even while with good company.” This is a wonderful point of view to take away from this assignment. I agree wholeheartedly, as I believe we are all guilty of socially disconnecting!


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