MJiii: Life Without Media

I started my 24 hours of no media at 8 pm the Sunday before Thanksgiving. That’s about the time that I went to sleep that night because I got up at 2 am to go duck hunting. I met my buddies at the store and took off from there to go to the duck hole. I slept the entire way there and I did miss my phone and the music at times on the way there and during the hunt. When I got home at about 2 that afternoon I went to my room and slept til about 5 pm. I woke up and asked my sister to go get something to eat and we sat in the floor of my room and talked til 8 pm when I could have my phone back. 

At times during the ride to and from duck hunting it was very tough for me not to want my phone or to listen to music. While we were hunting and times were slow I wanted my phone but I would just engage in a conversation with someone instead. It honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. That was the first time me and my sister had a good conversation since we started college this fall. It made me feel good with the conversations that I had with people and it was very needed. 

There were times that I was very bored and I wondered what all of my friends were doing and I wanted to get my phone and check social media but I just took my mind off of it. I didn’t think it was nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I slept better because I wasn’t worried about people trying to get ahold of me that day. I surprised myself that I wasn’t going crazy that day 

I rate myself at a 5. I think that I can very easily get away from media when I want to but I do enjoy it and like having it a lot. I do plan on not allowing the media to control me as much as I have allowed it to in the past. I watched the way the media consumes people while I was sitting there bored and it was sad. I think this is a very good thing that everyone should do to see how much the media does control people. It will definitely make you realize how much the media controls you. 


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