Super Bowl

I do not watch the Super Bowl for the ads. I watch the NFL from the first week of the season until Super Bowl weekend. I do watch some of the ads and my favorites are the Dorito’s commercials and the Budweiser commercials. I like them because they are very funny. 


2 thoughts on “Super Bowl

  1. So since you don’t watch the super bowl for the ads, I’m assuming you’re an actual fan of the game! I admit I mostly watch for halftime and the ads, but also have an interest in the game itself. Do you think the focus on the advertisements takes away from the game? After all, we are supposed to be all tuning in to watch football, and yet more and more I see a focus on the other facets of the super bowl. I think this says a lot about the society we live in, and that sports are becoming more of an all inclusive entertainment experience and less of well, just sports. Do you think that in the future other sports like basketball and baseball will develop a “super bowl” of their own? Or is all this fluff around the game too much and we should focus on the sport rather than whose singing when and what the talking M&M’s are going to joke about?


  2. I also watch the Super Bowl for the actual game, not for the commercials. Yes, they are very entertaining to watch during breaks in the game. But they are definitely not the main event for me.


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